50 Adventures. 1 Summer Camp.How it Works

How It Works

Cali Camp is a day camp for ages 3 to 15 that offers something for everyone! From outdoor sports and games to creative arts and an equestrian "Wrangler" camp, from Aerial Arts camp to action and adventure activities, all of our activities allow our campers to connect to nature.

We take care of everything, check out a sample schedule below: 

Sample Daily Schedule

9:00 am     Buses Arrive!

9:15 am     Morning Round-Up and Circle Time

9:45 am     Arts and Crafts

10:30 am   Nature Hike

11:15 am    Swimming**

12:00 pm   Lunch

12:45 pm   Archery

1:30 pm     Playground

2:15 pm     Go-Carts

3:00 pm     Closing and Snacks

3:30 pm     Buses Depart

*All activities are pre-assigned and rotate on a daily basis
** Cali Campers enjoy swimming every day

Cali Camp offers complete scheduling flexibility.  Our only requirement is that campers come for at least five days. Come to camp for a single, five-day, Monday-Friday session and check out all fifty activities or sign up for any daily combination - two, three or four days per week. Specialty camps are mandatory,  Monday - Friday sessions.