Arts & Crafts

Cali Camp’s summer light, soft breeze, and oaks provide an inspiring environment for kids to create in. Arts & Crafts is practiced with supportive counselors and taught by specialists. At Cali Camp, success is in the doing, the inner expression and each kid’s connection to the outer world. Arts & Crafts is designed to support Cali Campers in finding themselves and growing in confidence and supply plenty of fun and shared moments, as well as openings for campers to discover life-changing opportunities.



Hidden talent? Excited about performing in front of friends? Want to be in a play but too shy? At Cali, it’s not “the play is the thing” it’s “play IS the thing.”

At Cali, our dramatics specialist:

— Reveals each camper’s hidden talent;
— Provides a totally supportive atmosphere;
— Makes sure every camper feels comfortable;
—  Helps to develop acting, mime and improvisational skills
— Shares tips that calm stage fright.



Rhythm is one of the first experiences we all have. Long before we learn to talk, we hear it in our walk. At Cali Camp we break lose with rhythms. Join us to bang the drums, play percussion, stomp, and make your own instruments.

We also feel that camp songs are a way of life. And the best part is... you can have the worst voice in the wold and sound amazing, because you are joining in with everyone else! Singing together promotes confidence, friendship and lifelong memories.



We launched a dance program for Cali Campers in 2012 so all ages can find their groove. Steps, styles and routines are shared here, with campers choreographing their own moves and performing them on stage at lunch. Whether competing in an intense game of freezedance or shakin' it off and learning a new routine, there is something fun for everyone at Dance.


Martial Arts

The true art form of Won Moo Hapkido is realized when we begin to win the battles we engage within ourselves and can take these lessons outside the dojang. This is the transformative power of the martial art we are honored to share at Cali Camp.

On a physical level, Won Moo Hapkido’s primary focus is self-defense. Yet, it teaches more than that. It challenges and perfects one’s character through rigorous physical and mental discipline.

To begin your Won Moo Hapkido journey, sign up here.