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We Take Extra Care


For well over a half-century, Cali Camp has hosted kids of all ages who get into adventures that range from wading in creeks to rock climbing. We understand how to fulfill the fundamentals of introducing kids to new things while still protecting their well-being at kids camp.

We group campers according to their age, grade and unique physical and developmental needs. Kids participate in activities at age- and skill- appropriate levels. Challenging sports like Equestrian "Wrangler"  camp, Aerial Arts camp, Skateboard camp, and more are taught and staffed by qualified specialists. Every kid is checked for swimming skills at the start of each session. All campers are accompanied by counselors at all times – even during chill time under an old oak tree.

Still, given the nature of kids, our nurse staffs a full and complete health center on the property.

Whether for a single day camp or full summer camp season, parents complete Health History Forms for all kids to keep us up to date on any special health needs and our nurse is a direct link with parents. In case of emergency, our first contact is always a parent. If a parent cannot be reached, Cali Camp staff are advised to reach the emergency contacts you have provided on your health form.

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A Taste of Cali – Lunch at the CaliCafe


Lots of fun in the wonder world of Cali Camp equals ton-of-calories-burned. We take special care to make sure kids are hydrated and eating right. To do that we serve an afternoon snack daily and give parents the whole range of options to pick from on the lunch front:

  • “The Classic.” Bring a bag lunch of non-perishable food. Campers keep their lunches on their shady group shelves until lunch.
  • “The Hot Lunch.” Easy does it—pay when you enroll your child or on a daily basis. This year, we have a new menu in store with lots of vegetarian options, a salad bar, fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Kids camp has never been so delicious! Parents of enrolled campers can check our online parent/camper handbook for daily decisions.
  • “The Cali-Café.” Whole grain? Gluten Free? Fresh Fruit? Yogurt? We’re stocking it, and more, this summer.

Click here to check out our 2013 Cali Camp Menu (2014 Menu will be available soon.)  And don’t forget to help us by completing all questions about allergies on our Health History Form during registration.

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Award-winning L.A. chef Ricardo Zarate ‘gives back’ and joins Cali Camp!

We are excited to announce that one of L.A.’s hottest & most sought-after chefs, Ricardo Zarate, has personally designing the menu at Cali Camp. Zarate brings an extraordinary pedigree to Cali Camp: he was anointed Food And Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chef” in 2011. He has two restaurants: Picca on Pico Blvd, and the relaunched Mo-Chica in downtown L.A. Picca was named by Los Angeles Magazine as one of its “Ten Best New Restaurants” in 2011, and in 2012 GQ Magazine named it one of the “Ten Best New Restaurants in America”.

Zarate's emphasis on the menu at Cali Camp will be: “Market-fresh, homemade, healthy, and fun – enticing for the kids, and really good for them, too.”

Cali Camp 2014 is promising to be a "kid friendly" approach.  Chef Zarate is bringing in a fellow Chef to prepare traditional lunches in a fresh way every day.    This includes our new salad bar with homemade dressings, also seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers.  As always, gluten free and kosher are available upon request.  Bon Appetit!   


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Try a new route at summer camp. Grades 3-9 learn from a trained Ropes Course Specialist.


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Grab some friends and head down the creek with a cool counselor.


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