For well over a half-century, Cali Camp has hosted kids of all ages who get into adventures that range from wading in creeks to rock climbing. We understand how to fulfill the fundamentals of introducing kids to new things while still protecting their well-being at kids camp.

We group campers according to their age, grade, gender and unique physical and developmental needs. Kids participate in activities at age- and skill- appropriate levels. Challenging sports like Equestrian "Wrangler"  camp, Aerial Arts camp, Adventure camp, and more are taught and staffed by qualified specialists. Every kid is checked for swimming skills at the start of each session. All campers are accompanied by counselors at all times – even during chill time under an old oak tree.

Still, given the nature of kids, our First Aid Specialist staffs a full and complete health center on the property.

Whether for a single day of camp or full summer camp season, parents complete Health History Forms for all kids to keep us up to date on any special health needs and our nurse is a direct link with parents. In case of emergency, our first contact is always a parent. If a parent cannot be reached, Cali Camp staff are advised to reach the emergency contacts you have provided on your health form.

If you have already registered, fill out your 2018 Health Form here!