Classes at Big Rock Ranch
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Cali’s Spirit, Fall to Spring

At Big Rock Ranch, the twenty-one acre home of Cali Camp, we want to make it easy for you to grow your potential and enrich your life, right here in the canyon.

That’s why we share a series of Aerial Arts classes with friends of all ages – kids and adults – for individuals or families.   Check our FOCUSfish schedule!



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Cali Camp Calendar 2014 - coming soon

Check out what’s up at Cali Camp this year.


Be Extreme

Trails and tricks – get your kicks at mountain biking camp.


Cruise the Creek

Grab some friends and head down the creek with a cool counselor.


ACA Accreditation

The American Camp Association enriches the lives of children and adults through the kids camp experience.


WAIC Membership

The Western Association of Independent Camps promotes excellence in independent kids camps by advancing professional standards.