Kids’ Natural Excursions
Join the Natural World at Summer Camp

There are Cali Camp sports and then there are forays into the natural environment. A time for kids who are used to the stimuli of the city to slow down and experience the pace of the earth.

Horseback riding at equestrian "Wrangler" camp, time spent with barn animals like donkeys, goats and chickens, and visits to the bamboo forest have always been camper favorites. But don't forget about our natural favorites like outdoor living skills, gardening, composting, geocaching, animal husbandry, lashing skills, hiking and pioneer skills.

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Enjoy the Earth’s Magic


Cali Camp is minutes to town, but its canyon backdrop feels centuries away. These day camp activities are all about connecting to Cali’s amazing outdoor environment.

It’s the perfect place to return kids to a spot that holds all sorts of wonder for them. To get them there Outdoor Living Skills shares all kinds of other worldly activities like:

  1. organic gardening
  2. composting
  3. geocoaching
  4. animal husbandry
  5. lashing skills
  6. hiking
  7. pioneer skills
  8. camping skills
  9. going “green” tips
  10. visits with barnyard animals from donkeys & goats to rabbits
  11. conversation about the tribes of Topanga

and... take a trip to the camp’s nature hut down by the creek bed.

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Try a Horseback Ride at Equestrian "Wrangler" Camp


Cali's Wrangler Camp is as perfect for a first-time rider as it is for a more experienced equestrian.

With our experienced trainers, horses that are bffs, two rings, English and Western and miles of mountain trails – outdoor, natural rides are what Cali is all about. This is a summer camp favorite!

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Escape to an Overgrown Land


Sometimes the simplest summer camp activities are the most satisfying. Cali Kids have long flocked to the canyon’s bamboo forest in the heat of the day.

There they escape in its wild overgrown stalks, play hide-and-seek or experience the material’s adaptability and their own creativity making tables and chairs from it.

Cali Camp Calendar 2015 - coming soon

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Be Extreme

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Hide in the Trees

A tree fort where summer camp fun with friends never ends.


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