Kids’ Outdoor Activities
Playful Sports Camp & Chill-Out Games at Summer Camp

There’s a sport for every camper and that’s why Cali Camp has so many. From hard court sports like basketball, to field games like soccer and kickball and softball.  We've got racquet sports  - tennis and pickleball, caroms and ping-pong.  Don't forget old world archery and target sports.

Whether it’s an activity a camper already loves, or an opportunity to try and thrive at something new, sports for every age and experience level are part of each session. A cool-off in the pool is a daily stop for everyone.  Swim lessons included for non-swimmers!

Cali Camp also hosts a series of goofy and fun games, from the camp's favorite creation “Ga-ga” to foosball, capture the flag, run the bases backwards and more.

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The Semi-Official Cali Sports Menu


Wondering what sports we play at Cali? Field or court – they’re all outdoors.

  1. full-court basketball 
  2. tether ball
  3. four-square and hopscotch
  4. soccer
  5. flag football
  6. kickball
  7. volleyball
  8. field hockey
  9. frisbee golf
  10. tennis 
  11. pickleball

Play, have fun, score, improve skills, make friends, share laughs with the team, grow your confidence – be. It’s the Cali Sports way.

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Keep it Cool in the Pool


Every day, each Cali Camper gets time in our Olympic-size, outdoor pool to cool off in, goof off in and have a little splash time.

Certified lifeguards supervise, so everyone can just relax and have fun. They join program directors to organize and direct water games, contests and organized play. All counselors, assistants and junior leaders are trained to assist lifeguards as poolside ‘lookouts.’  On each child's first day we ability check.  Swimming lessons for non-swimmers for half the period and free-time if you pass the swim check.

Don’t forget to pack a suit and towel every day. The pool is a daily dive-in.

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Bull’s-Eye, Let Your Arrow Fly


It is time to release your inner archer, improve your accuracy and pat yourself on the back.   At Cali Camp, specialists teach this ancient but wondrous craft. That’s just the start of our target sports activities. 

There’s a fun and safe way for every age child to try them all. 

  1. archery
  2. velcro baseball
  3. bocce balls
  4. safe lawn darts
  5. nerf shooters
  6. sling shots


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Let’s Get Active at Summer Camp


At Cali, there’s plenty of goofy games to play when we chill in the shade. Whether it’s the camp-created “Ga-Ga,” which is a supreme camper fave, croquet, Quidditch, ping pong or the ton of other backyard games we play together, we’ll see you under the oak trees for these relaxed let’s-all-play-together activities.

Cali Camp Calendar 2015 - coming soon

Check out what’s up at Cali Camp this year.


Aim an Arrow

Learn archery or make a bulls-eye with safe lawn darts or nerf slingshots.


Hang and Hike

Explore the canyon old world with your summer camp friends.


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