Kids Summer Camp 2014
Welcome to New School Fun + Old School Faves

Over 50 Mini-Adventures,
1 Summer Camp: How it Works

Cali Camp is a day camp that offers lots of outdoor sports and games, creative arts and equestrian "Wrangler" camp,  Aerial Arts camp, Skateboard camp, quiet, action & adventure activities, connections to nature and much more. We take care of everything, check out a sample schedule below:


Sample Daily Schedule

9:00 am     Buses Arrive!

9:15 am      Morning Round-Up and Circle Time

9:45 am     Fishing*

10:30 am   Drama*

11:15 am     Swimming**

12:00 pm   Lunch

12:45 pm    Archery*

1:30 pm      Playground*

2:15 pm      Go-Carts*

3:00 pm     Closing and Snacks

3:30 pm      Buses Depart

*All activites are pre-assigned and rotate on a daily basis

** Cali Campers enjoy swimming every day


Cali Camp offers complete scheduling flexibility.  Our only requirement is that campers come for at least five days.  Come to camp for a single, five-day, Monday-Friday session and check out all fifty activities or sign up for any daily combination  - two, three or four days per week.   Specialty camps are mandatory,  Monday - Friday sessions.

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Playful Sports & Chill-Out Games


There’s a sports camp for every type of camper and that’s why Cali Camp has so many. From hard court sports like basketball camp, to field games like soccer camp and softball camp, to racquet sports like tennis and pickleball, to the old world’s archery. Whether it’s an activity a camper already loves, or an opportunity to try and thrive at something new, sports for every age and experience level are part of each session. A cool-off in the pool is a daily stop for everyone.

Cali Camp also hosts a series of goofy and fun games, from the camp creation “Ga-ga” to foosball, gockey, capture the flag, run the bases backwards and more.

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Freedom of Expression? The Creative Arts


There’s free to play and there’s free to express. Cali Camp’s summer light, soft breeze, and oaks provide an inspiring environment for kids. This year, Cali Camp means Arts & Crafts, Drama, Dance, Yoga for Kids and Music.

Each art is practiced with supportive counselors and taught by qualified specialists. At Cali Camp, success is in the doing, the inner expression and each kid’s connection to the outer world.

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Climb, Tumble, Fly, Shred, Race


A skateboard camp ramp, go-karts, rock climbing aparatus for kids and a ropes course bring kid-sized extreme sports to the canyon. Tailored down to appropriate sizes which means every camper gets a touch of the adventure.

Kids who want to fly can learn the art of the trapeze and other aerial sports, thanks to the specialized expertise of FOCUSfish, an organization that works with Los Angeles schools. Roll and tumble? Specialists help campers of all ages find the joy in gymnastics.

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Join the Natural World


There are Cali Camp sports and then there are forays into the natural environment. A time for kids who are used to the stimuli of the city to slow down and experience the pace of the earth.

There's time spent with barn animals like goats and chickens, studying ancient artifacts and visits to the bamboo forest have always been camper favorites.  Learn outdoor living skills like firebuilding,  organic gardening, composting, geocaching, animal husbandry, lashing skills, hiking and pioneer skills.

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Looking for more?


This summer, Cali Camp offers three Specialty Camps so campers can concentrate on what they are into the most: Aerial Arts, Equestrian "Wrangler"  Camp and Adventure Camp.  Choose one or all three, but don't forget to get a little day camp in there to really spread out and try new things. 

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What’s on CaliVision?


Cali Camp Calendar 2015 - coming soon

Check out what’s up at Cali Camp this year.


Draw, Paint, Create

Share your style at summer camp. Ceramics, leatherwork, robot making and more.


Dig In

Garden organically and connect with the environment in Outdoor Living Skills.


ACA Accreditation

The American Camp Association enriches the lives of children and adults through the kids camp experience.


WAIC Membership

The Western Association of Independent Camps promotes excellence in independent kids camps by advancing professional standards.