Lots of fun in the wonder world of Cali Camp equals ton-of-calories-burned. We take special care to make sure kids are hydrated and eating right. To do that we serve an afternoon snack daily and give parents the whole range of options to pick from on the lunch front:

  • THE CLASSIC” Bring a bag lunch of non-perishable food. Campers keep their lunches on their shady group shelves until lunch.
  • THE HOT LUNCH” Easy does it—pay $10 when you enroll your child or on a daily basis. This year, we have a new menu in store with lots of vegetarian options, a salad bar, fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Kids camp has never been so delicious! Parents of enrolled campers can check our online parent/camper handbook for daily decisions.
  • THE CALI-CAFE” Whole grain? Gluten Free? Fresh Fruit? Yogurt? We’re stocking it, and more, this summer.