There are Cali Camp sports and then there are forays into the natural environment. A time for kids who are used to the stimuli of the city to slow down and experience the pace of the earth. At Nature Skills campers learn about organic gardening, compost, and native plants. We also teach some primitive skills honed and shared with us by our ancestors. Firemaking and tending, stone tools and cordage making to name a few.



Campers ages 8 and up will experience a guided trail ride in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountain preserve surrounding Cali Camp.  

If you want a more in-depth Equestrian experience then Cali's Wrangler Camp is a perfect for a first-time rider as it is for a more experienced equestrian. This is available for ages 6 and up. 

With our experienced trainers, horses that are bffs, two rings, English and Western and miles of mountain trails – outdoor, natural rides are what Cali is all about. This is a summer camp favorite!


Bamboo Forest

Sometimes the simplest summer camp activities are the most satisfying. Cali Kids have long flocked to the canyon’s bamboo forest in the heat of the day.

There they escape in its wild overgrown stalks, play hide-and-seek or experience the material’s adaptability and their own creativity making tables and chairs from it. Cali kids crave this time of unstructured play to do what they want and be spontaneous in a safe environment.