2018 Registration now open! 

how to register:

  1. Sign in with CampMinder. If you are a returning family, please use last years login e-mail. 
  2. While in CampMinder, fill out a camper applicat ion. 
  3. Complete all camper forms including the health history form. For your child's safety, no campers may attend camp until this form has been submitted. 

Thing to keep in mind:

  • If your child wants to be grouped with already existing friends:  We try to group your child with one friend of their choice as long as they are within a year age difference of each other.  Simply add your friends name to the friend request section of the application. Though we try, we can’t guarantee friend requests due to the variety of enrollment dates between friends
  • We will try to accommodate a child with special needs. Please advise us of children that have different physical challenges, emotional requirements or learning rates when you enroll. To help us figure out placement, needs, and a fun time for your child, you may be asked to complete an Inclusion Questionnaire. 
  • We ask for your campers picture because it helps our staff get to know every camper on a first name basis! 
  • Have questions? Feel free to contact us


If you are are already registered and wish to review your registration, complete your child's health form or check out some pics then you can log into your CampMinder account here.