Every day, each Cali Camper gets time in our expansive-sized, outdoor pool to cool off in, goof off in and have a little splash time.

Certified lifeguards supervise, so everyone can just relax and have fun. They join program directors to organize and direct water games, contests and organized play.  On each child's first day we ability check.  Swimming lessons for non-swimmers for half the period and free-time if you pass the swim check.

Don’t forget to pack a suit and towel every day. The pool is a daily dive-in.


Target Sports

It is time to release your inner archer, improve your accuracy and pat yourself on the back.   At Cali Camp, specialists teach this ancient but wondrous craft. That’s just the start of our target sports activities.  

There’s a fun and safe way for every age child to try them out! Bocce ball, beanbags and horse shoes to name a few.



At Cali, there’s plenty of goofy games to play when we chill in the shade. Ga-Ga gets its roots from dodgeball and was invented in Israel. It was introduced to the US and Australia in the early 60's through international camping connections and Cali Campers have been playing it since! Its a great game with variations for all ages and you don't need to be a pro to be a champ!



Cali kids enjoy learning such a popular worldwide sport. At tennis not only do they learn coordination, balance and stamina, but also work on fitness, teamwork and good sportsmanship. We often play as a whole group, whether its through drills and practice or group wide games such as King of the Court. One of the original age-old Cali Camp activities… this ones not to be missed. 


Backyard Games and Sports

At BYGS (pronounced bigs) we channel our inner sports star by challenging our group mates to tons of sports and games. Full-Court Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Kickball, Beach Volleyball, and Quidditch just to name a few. Play, have fun, score, improve skills, make friends, share laughs with the team, grow your confidence – be. It’s the Cali Sports way.