my boys love cali

I am so jealous that my three boys get to be campers at Cali Camp! I didn’t find out about the place until I was a counselor there for a few years in college. I learned then that this camp is really special.

I enrolled my first son in summer camp when he was just barely old enough to go and the other two followed as soon as they were allowed. You can see from this website that Cali Camp’s beautiful location offers everything – equestrian camp, go-carts, archery, swimming, rock climbing for kids... You name it! But that’s not what makes Cali Camp so amazing. What keeps us returning year after year is the people.

There is a feeling of warmth and camaraderie that can’t be beat. Many of the staff were campers themselves who just keep coming back like my boys do. And I know from my own experience how well-trained they are; I know when my boys get on the bus that they’ll be safe while they’re having so much fun at kids camp.

So Cali Camp, be ready to expect an employment application from my oldest in a few years!
— Lillian Morris Chhetri

what summer is all about

It never really occurred to me that my summer camp experience left such an indelible impression on me until my son attended Cali Camp for the first time. All these memories from my youth at Cali Camp came rushing back. Before I knew it, I was living vicariously through him and I was comforted by the fact that a great day camp still exists and succeeds in achieving some of the most primary goals. My son returned home dirty, tired and really happy. Summertime is about being outdoors, surrounded by nature and doing really cool stuff. What I would give to do it all again!

Any kid who did not grow up at Cali Camp may have missed out on the most incredible experience of growing up.
— Devin Sterling

my daughter loves cali

In the Spring of 2006, thinking this could be a great fit for the 9 - year - old, my two daughters and I piled into our car to check out the Cali Camp Open House. Little did I plan for the “over-the-moon” reaction of my 3-year-old! I asked, “How young do you take them?” And that’s how Rosie, 2 months shy of her 4th birthday, came to her first summer camp at Cali Camp. It’s 2012 now. Rosie is 9. At this ripe young age, she’s enjoying her 6th summer and wants the director’s job in the future!

Weaving up the canyons of Topanga you arrive at this timeless, enchanged place. You enter through the old-fashioned wooden archway into a magical grove of large old oak trees. Scattered about are caroms tables (remember those?), ping-pong tables and other assorted games. You walk past wooden cubbies for the various camper groups. And then you come upon the huge outdoor stage (the hub of the campus), the long wooden lunch tables, the tree house and the beloved Camp Snack Shack. The kids clearly thrive in this natural, rambling environment. Cali Camp is pure kids camp fun in the best possible way!

The improvements made to the property for Summer 2012 capture the best of what Cali Camp has been and what it will be. The number of counselors who once were campers is a testament to both the experience they themselves had and to the culture of Cali Camp to promote them.

I want to come back in my next life as one of my kids so I can attend Cali Camp myself!
— Ruthie Jones, Santa Monica

two generations of cali

I was a camper at Cali Camp over 30 years ago for several summers and loved every minute of it. Last year, I sent my seven-year-old daughter to summer camp for her first time and she, too, loved every minute of it.

From the moment she stepped on the bus on her first day of camp, the counselors and staff made her feel welcome and comfortable. She enjoyed being active and playing outside all summer (without getting too hot since Cali Camp is near the coast). She loved all the dress-up days and sleepovers (which she had never done before and yet the camp made her feel totally comfortable).

This kids camp did an amazing job of making her and all the campers feel special with various opportunities to win awards for skills and good camper citizenship. She made a ton of new friends and can’t wait to come back again next year!
— Meryl Chae

a magical property

Throughout the past several years, our two daughters have loved coming to Cali Camp. Ever since each was three years old, they considered it their summer home. Our oldest, who is now twelve, is so excited to be in the Eagles this summer. She’ll go on weekly beach trips and be in a co-ed group. Her sister, who is nine, is thrilled about reuniting with her summer camp friends and making new ones.

Cali Camp has been an incredible experience for our entire family. We have watched our girls grow in confidence, self-esteem and team spirit. This incredible kids camp has allowed each of our daughters to blossom as individuals.

Cali Camp is located on a magical property. Our children feel as if they are on vacation every time they go to camp. The oak trees, streams, mountains and wild flowers are an added bonus to the incredible adventure. At Cali Camp, the kids are not only surrounded by nature, but they are taught how to coexist with it.

The staff at Cali Camp is the best. They are caring, supportive and extremely fun. Our kids are always encouraged to try new activities. Each time they try something new they come home so excited and they can’t wait to tell us all about it. Cali Camp is special to our hearts and we really look forward to sending our kids back each year for summer camp.
— The Doolin Family