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Cali, Kids’ Style

Just minutes from the Los Angeles westside, Cali Camp is 21 acres of creek beds, dramatic rock formations, bamboo forests, old oaks and incredible wildlife in Old Topanga Canyon. Next door lies miles of protected Santa Monica Mountains hiking and equestrian trails.

At Cali Camp, each camper will experience a dazzling variety of over 50 mini-adventure with activities and exciting special events to express their individual interests and curiosity. Whether visiting for the whole summer or just a week, every camper will reconnect with the environment’s wonder and reclaim the magic it offers.

Since Cali Camp was established in 1955, counselors and staff have returned year after year. More than a half century of success and experience has taught us how to help each camper flourish physically, socially and spiritually. Campers learn the joy of PLAY and celebrate together.  This is what makes us one of the premier summer camps in Los Angeles.

At Cali Camp, every camper is set free to dream—supported as they make new friends, grow confident from adventures, and learn to celebrate the positive attributes in one another. Cali Camp is space of no-limits, beauty, power and never-ending FUN!

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Make it Fun and Educational


Our philosophy supports an optimistic and educational FUN  time for all campers, no matter who they are, what they like or whether they are outgoing or shy.  We believe that children learn when they are experiencing things in a fun, carefree environment. 

We believe in generating a summer that each camper can share with friends for months after they leave Cali. To us, success is happiness resonating not just during but also after a Cali kids camp experience.

To us the camp belongs to the kids that come here. All campers get to pitch in deciding what will happen in their day with input into “group choice” activities.

It’s their summer-of-a-lifetime.

If you or your child has any questions about Cali Camp, you can ask now. We’re here to answer. Both of you.

How are you connected to other kids? Meet your group members at Cali.

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Nervous About Your Group? We’ve Got Your Back

Never been to camp before? Are you a returning CaliKid with a ton of friends? Want to make sure you’re hanging with kids your age?

While we understand that some campers might want to come to Cali with a bff, decades with kids has taught us how to have fun with everyone and to see the cool in each other no matter the age or seemingly physical, personality or developmental differences.

We figure out how to put kids together based on grade, age and special needs. And, we’ll try to make sure they’re in the same group as one pre-camp friend. But we’ll also create exciting ways to meet other kids. We generate icebreakers, pair kids with new friends, and help them support each other as they try new things.

We always try to fulfill great summers for all kids, which includes kids who have challenges physically, learning development rates and emotional needs. Our Inclusion Coordinator is here to help coordinate.

How are you connected to other kids? Meet your group members at Cali.


What’s on CaliVision?


Cali Camp Calendar 2015 - coming soon

Check out what’s up at Cali Camp this year.


Aim an Arrow

Learn archery or make a bulls-eye with safe lawn darts or nerf slingshots.


Cruise the Creek

Grab some friends and head down the creek with a cool counselor.


ACA Accreditation

The American Camp Association enriches the lives of children and adults through the kids camp experience.


WAIC Membership

The Western Association of Independent Camps promotes excellence in independent kids camps by advancing professional standards.