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Less Bus Stops; More Camp Fun

We want to help kids arrive at Cali Camp fresh and excited for their daily adventures. That’s why we pay particular attention to bus routes for your child. We know that simpler routes, with only one-two bus stops each, give kids more time at camp together and means they arrive less tired.

Every camper’s day at kids camp starts as they step onto our buses, when they are greeted by our bus counselors and camp friends. On the ride they’ll sing, participate in games and be part of a weekly, all-camp “Bus Cup Challenge.”

Find the 2014 Station (Route) that best suits your needs 

Our one-two stop routes are short and easy and ensure that no child will be on the bus longer than 60 minutes.   There are sixteen (16)  separate stations with pre-established pick-up times across Los Angeles County to choose from. Ten (10) routes in the city and  six (6) in the Valley.  There is no bus transportation available in Topanga, but drop-off at camp is your option.  

We use a professional bus company, Mission Student Transportation, to safely transport our campers and staff to and from summer camp.  We have a designated Cali Camp staff member as the bus counselor for each station for communication.   Most of our staff choose to ride to camp on a bus because of the fun and convenience.

With the safety of a professional driver and the excitement of Bus Cup Challenge which includes singing camp songs, playing games and bonding with other campers and counselors, Cali campers experience the perfect ride to summer camp.

Transportation Station (Route) List  (PDF)


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ACA Accreditation

The American Camp Association enriches the lives of children and adults through the kids camp experience.


WAIC Membership

The Western Association of Independent Camps promotes excellence in independent kids camps by advancing professional standards.