What to Wear to Camp

It’s summer. It’s outdoors. It’s fun. So, kids and teens should wear comfortable clothes to play in. That means:

  • Shorts are best. But pack a pair of long pants (sweats are easiest) to slip on for equestrian camp rides, hikes,  similar activities and/or cool canyon mornings.
  • A swimsuit and towel.
  • A sweatshirt in case it’s a little chillier than normal in the morning, or foggy at the beach.
  • Tennis shoes and sneakers. Send along a pair of sandals for beach trip excursions during day camp – but all campers must wear closed-toe shoes to camp.
  • Wrangler / Equestrian Camp Programs: Is your kid in equestrian "Wrangler" speciality camp? They must wear long pants and boots or hard shoes with heels. We provide helmets, but you can bring your own.  Sorry, but we can’t let your child ride in tennis shoes. This is an important safety rule.
  • Aerial Arts Campers: For boys and girls, a tight fitting t-shirt with short sleeves is best. Pants should be worn that cover the knees, like Capri-length sweatpants or leggings. Girls can feel free to wear leotards and tights with no feet. All classes are done barefoot, but sometimes the mats get hot or we may want to warm up by running the lawn, so please wear sneakers and socks. No flip flops allowed during camp, for safety reasons.

And don’t forget: Write your child’s name on everything they bring to camp!

Do I Need Equipment from Home

We provide everything – seriously. From harnesses to helmets we have it all. 

We ask that kids don’t bring: personal toy animals, electronic games, phones, toys, radios, laptop computers, iPads, or iPods. Actually, we can’t even allow them at camp. We want to make sure that your child does not lose something precious to them and camp is a way to introduce them to a new experience.

Lastly, our canyons are beautiful but there isn’t cell phone reception in them. We ask that you don’t send them. If it’s necessary for your child to have one, it will be held in the director’s office till the end of each day.

What About Lunch

Bag it or buy it.

Day camp kids can bring their own. Just remember – no perishable food. Make sure your kid’s name is on or attached to their lunch. Send cooler bags if you want. Campers keep their lunches on their shady group shelves until lunch.

Buy lunch? Hot lunches are $10 daily. Purchase them for the entire session in advance or – if last-minute plans prevent you from bagging it – on a daily basis.

Sample Menu (campers choose what they want daily)

Rocco's Cheese Pizza
Rocco's Pepperoni Pizza
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza
Pasta Parmesean
Baked Chicken Nuggets
Make your own Salad Bar

All meals include Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Still have questions 

Call our office (310) 455-0404. Our 2018 Parent / Camper handbook will be here soon.