Winter Kids Camp
The Ultimate Upgrade for Kid-“Staycations” – Cali’s Spirit at Holiday Camp

Winter Camp at Cali Camp

Due to the location of Christmas Day, December 25th and New Year's Day, January 1, 2014  Cali Camp will not be offering a Winter Camp Program for the 2013 -2014 Winter Break this year!  Check us out next year though.

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Day Camp Activities to Match the Season

Not offering this Winter, but next Winter 2014 - Winter Camp brings the best of summer camp adventures to each child’s school holiday experience – from Outdoor Activities to Creative Arts, from Action & Adventure Sports to Natural Excursions.

In Cali’s exciting canyon world, blaze your way across the mountains, meadows and creeks.

Explore new horizons with mountain biking camp, learn a gymnastics tumble, catch air on the trampoline, go gardening or try a new path with rock climbing for kids.

Looking for traditional team and/or individual sports? They’re here – from Foosball to flag football, from softball to basketball, from tennis to handball.

Rainy outside? Interested in being creative? Toasty indoor environments are a supportive place for kids to explore their artistic nature. Counselors work with children as they create and perform their own skis, cut vids, learn how to produce claymation, cook tasty treats, dance and enjoy a full slew of arts and crafts.

Winter Camp’s small group size translates to programs that are highly tailored to camper ages and interests.

Every in-town kid can have a snowflaked winter experience with “Cali Snow Day.” We’re watching the weather and will let parents and kids know as soon as a date for “Cali Snow Day” is set.

Cali Camp Calendar 2015 - coming soon

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Aim an Arrow

Learn archery or make a bulls-eye with safe lawn darts or nerf slingshots.


Ride for Miles

See the Santa Monica Mountains from horseback.


ACA Accreditation

The American Camp Association enriches the lives of children and adults through the kids camp experience.


WAIC Membership

The Western Association of Independent Camps promotes excellence in independent kids camps by advancing professional standards.